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Community Characteristics


The City of Gustine in located 5 miles off of Interstate 5 in Merced County in central California. State Highways 140 and 33 intersect the city. It is frequently used by travelers to get from the northern part of the state to the southern part of the state. It is also used as a route to get to Yosemite National Park for travelers coming from the west.

Education and Infrastructure

Gustine is within easy driving distance to the University of California at Merced, the newest of the University of California campuses and California State University Stanislaus. There are also several community colleges in the area. The City operates a full service municipal water utility and sewer treatment facility for both residential and industrial customers. Gustine is home to an municipal airport owned and operated by the City of Gustine. The airport boasts some of the lowest aviation fuel prices in the state. Additionally, railroad cargo services intersect part of the town.

Downtown Revitalization

The downtown is currently going through a focused revitalization process. Efforts are being made to determine streetscape and other aesthetic improvements. Architecture and shop facades will be evaluated for potential development. Efforts are being made to revitalize and yet maintain the original character of Gustine’s downtown. The City of Gustine is proud home to a number of independent and boutique businesses which are primarily supported by Gustine’s population. The city is currently in the process of evaluating and providing a vision for the future economic development of the downtown area. Please check the City Clerk’s webpage for information on upcoming meetings regarding the downtown revitalization effort.


As a popular bedroom community for the bay area, Gustine offers affordable housing teamed with idyllic small town living while still being located close to larger commerce centers (Merced, Modesto, the Bay Area etc). There is currently various areas that have been identified for possible annexation into the city limits. It is anticipated that controlled growth will provide for additional housing while maintaining quality of life standards that make Gustine a desirable place to live.
    City of Gustine
    352 Fifth Street Gustine, CA 95322
    Phone: (209) 854-6471
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