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Stay Home, Save Lives Campaign
Posted on Monday April 06, 2020
The City of Gustine is joining in a coalition with Merced County and all other cities in Merced County to encourage people to stay home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Stay Home, Save Lives

Join your family, friends, neighbors and community leaders in showing your support for the #StayHomeSaveLives campaign.

Post a photo of you and your family on your social media account(s) with the hashtag: #StayHomeSaveLives, or share with us why you are staying home with a poster. Do you stay home for Grandma? For our First Responders? To protect medical staff? Be creative (but please also be tasteful). Be sure to use Gustine's specific hashtag: #StayHomeSaveLivesGustine

Many of us understand the importance of staying home and keeping our loved ones home with us. Research has shown that COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) may spread easier than the common flu, and that people can carry the virus without showing any signs or symptoms. You can pick up the disease and spread it without feeling sick. 

We need to stay home so that we do not catch the disease and share it with people who have medical issues, or with our families. 

Sadly, COVID-19 is sweeping across the country, hospitalizing and killing too many. President Trump's experts expect 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in the U.S. from COVID-19. The only way to get ahead of the coronavirus is to stop its spread. We do that be practicing social distancing, washing our hands and commonly used surfaces often and staying home. 

Do your part - #StayHomeSaveLivesGustine

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